Senior Network Programmer

Are you a middle/senior Unity3D programmer? Do you have experience with networking and online gameplay programming? This Job is for you. We are looking for a Senior Network Programmer to work on our current builds on Unet and help on the transition to Photon servers. The job will need a lot of motivation, self confidence and neat code writing. If you thing you are up to the task, Click on that button on the right.

Engine Tools Programmer

This opportunity is offered to programmers that code to make other development team lives easier. Your job is develop any tool that will facilitate the development process: from graphic assets implementation tools to very specific tools that Veterans Online will need. You will be working with all the team members: other programmers, sound designers and animators. Your goal is to understand what they need and transform it into Unity code.

Graphic Programmer

You create awesome shaders? You can make awesome production of light, darkness and colors come together? We need you! We are looking for someone to create different style and types of shaders for Veterans Online! The job also include the creation of special effects on items, weapons and environment elements. Send us your portfolio!

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