Our First Game


Veterans Online is an online top-down shooter, multiplayer and free to play. The game was posted on steam Greenlight and the community voted for it to be greenlit (8 days).

It is a team based game, where you will fight in cooperation with your team members for different objectives depending on the type of the map where the battlefield will take place: Deathmatch, objectives captures, domination etc. Each type offering a unique game style and experience.

The game was born during an experiment on top-down shooters, and it became a way of entertainment for the team. And since all of the team members are gamers and veteran gamers we believed that: if we like playing it, why not offer it to the public.

We started working on the game late 2015, pushing the development and features a bit more every time, and trying to improve the game quality . And we would like to publish it on steam by Autumn 2017.

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